Let’s talk about me for a minute

My name is Lizzie and I’m a contradiction in terms because whilst being a total cynic I’m a hopeless romantic who is largely driven by nostalgia and always hopes to find the best in people. I’m a cheap date and would happily take laughter over flowers but frequent trips to the cinema are also good and I have the ticket stub from every movie I’ve seen since the age of 16. My mom is American so you’ll notice a few errant words in my vocabulary but I whole heartedly condone you making fun of me for it. I normally always say what’s on my mind but sometimes I bottle it up which you can identify immediately because I just won’t speak and that comes as a surprise to everyone.  I tend to try and focus more on the things I love than the things I don’t but I have a pretty serious phobia of cows so please don’t make me walk in a field of them in order to take your photo. I’m a bit keen on red wine and doing things for charity which makes it unsurprising that I once shaved my head for breast cancer awareness but that I wasn’t sober when they brought the clippers out. I laugh a lot, which either means my comedy threshold is pretty low, you are frickin’ hilarious or I know how good it is for the soul. I live in jeans and trainers but always dress up for a wedding and there is a small space in my heart entirely dedicated to stars. Since having three tattooed across my shoulder they travel with me everywhere. Plus I swear a bit, sorry (not fucking sorry) about that and I’m also older than I look apparently…

I love what I do and I reckon I take good note of your stories and picture them as they happen. People are expressive and fun, they’re happy and in love, they celebrate and they document it. I document it and I love doing so.  I’m also not very comfortable in front of the camera and so I know how it feels and I can help, I PROMISE.

Photo by Irene Yap – One of my favs xx


My daughter is the coolest person on the planet and I adore her. When people get pictures of us together like the one above my heart is full. That is what I want to do for you.

My bedside manner centres on fun but I’m nothing if not professional and whilst retaining a sense of humour I won’t actually crack a joke during your wedding ceremony…honest. I will act the fool to make the kids smile during a family photo shoot though, that’s OK right?

If you’d like to see more of what I do then check out my blog. Want to know how much I cost? I tell you HERE and if you fancy a coffee (or wine), please feel free to GET IN TOUCH.