Your Family is Unique

I want to take photographs of you and your family that you will enjoy looking at for years to come. I’m a natural portrait photographer which is a term bandied around more often than not these days but it basically means that I take you out, somewhere with a good view, not too many people around and a plan to have you at your most relaxed within minutes of meeting me. Nine out of ten conversations I have about work start with someone telling me that they hate having their picture taken. I know, I get it, I hate it too…but that’s cause we all feel a little exposed, and guess what? That’s OK. I like the challenge, and it’s my job to put you at ease, whether you’re having photos for work, for your kids, or just for you.

There is always a level of interaction from me, some posing and a little bit of instruction but I’ll also just let you watch the telly and play for a bit. My purpose is to make even the posed pictures look relaxed and not to make you feel any more uncomfortable than you already do. The level to which I enjoy my job extends to creating images that I want to look at, not just you and to do that I need to get the best out of you by being the best person that I can be. 

Coming soon…