I don’t know if you know this, but it snowed today. No really, it did. And despite the fact that if you were to look outside my front door right now, there would be not one single trace of snow anywhere, it was a magical moment for Elsie this morning when we managed some snow day fun. The last time it snowed she was only a baby and has no memory of it other than what she has since seen on Peppa Pig. She was a little trooper today and quite determined to catch a snowflake on her gloves. But alas (I was secretly happy) it wasn’t long before she decided the biting wind was a bit too much and she wanted to go home. As she clung to her Pa’s legs every time a huge gust threatened to blow her away I thought it only sensible to oblige, so we came inside to make a snowman out of play dough instead which was much more civilised.

I will blog another wedding one day soon, but for now there is this.