I went to France last week and took my film camera. With mild trepidation I set about capturing my holiday in France on film. My old Olympus has a faulty light meter so I had to use one on my phone, then my own knowledge of lenses and light to estimate my settings and quite frankly, I came home thinking I would get a whole load of nothing from nine rolls of film. It’s been a long time since I used a manual film camera regularly and despite learning this way right from my A-Levels I didn’t have all that much confidence in myself. I told a friend that I’d be happy with just one killer shot…so I’m pretty bloody delighted to be happy with a hell of a lot more than that. There are 66 images in this blog post. Sixty six! And you may not like them all, but I do and it was my holiday so I’ll show off if I want to. These are my highlights.