So I’ve set myself a new challenge, and that is to blog more, and to keep it brief! The summer is such a mental time for me that I barely get the chance to do it but I really want to and to that end I’ve set myself an image limit of 50 to sum up each and every wedding I blog…starting with Laura & Jon’s wedding at Shearsby Bath, an idyllic little venue in the heart of Leicestershire’s countryside.

These two are the proud parents to crazy, energetic, cheeky little twin boys…yet they still managed to plan a wedding. I’m not really sure how people manage to do stuff with multiple kids if I’m honest, I mean I’m struggling to blog with one kid in tow let alone two! But plan it they did and they did a bloody good job.

Can we please just take a minute to appreciate the Irn Bru wedding favours? Just when you thought you’d be left without a hangover cure, Laura & Jon come through with the goods. There were also kilts and a rendition of The Flower of Scotland which brought a tear to more than one eye but so did the moment when the bridesmaids thought they’d lost the brides wedding ring…the less said about that the better.

I love this venue, tucked away from prying eyes and rushing traffic, it’s the perfect spot to go a little bit nuts on your wedding day…