My family photography has come a long way since I started out, but I still completely adore being invited to do family photos at home, especially when people ask me to travel all the way to London to do it! The Stott family recently had a new little arrival who has turned their world upside down and that too of Gary…the cat. If you know me, you know I would never oppose having the cat in on the pictures which made it even sweeter that Gary curled up on his dads lap and let him hold him like a baby long enough to get the four of them together, and on film too!

I’ve started carrying a film camera around with me a lot more recently and intend to make it a permanent fixture in the not too distant future. The photos I captured of these guys really reminded me how much I love the look of genuine, bonafide film loveliness and I’d like to share that around.

I spent two hours at home with them, just enough time for me to settle in and get my slippers by the door! I hate to rush photographing newborn babies, they don’t like to be pushed around and moved here, there and everywhere at any speed and more often than not they need a feed, a sleep and some serious chill time, aka, daddy doing squats while being held next to a window. You parents out there know the drill.

Thanks to the Stott Family for having me, pretty stoked I was able to document all this for  you.