Time for a little auction fundraiser while doing something I love I bloody love taking pictures of families at home, you’re in your happy place with all your comforts and favourite things around you. It’s the place you can be most yourself and the easiest place to get relaxed and happy photos of you as a family… if you let me, I’d love to join you for a day. 

That said, going in to my friend Debbie’s house and taking photos of her and her girls was far from easy, but something I never would have passed up, knowing just how important it now is for them to make memories together.

I am reopening my family diary with this charity event in order to raise money for Debbie and the treatment she is currently undergoing, and will undergo for as long as she possibly can.  You see, late last year our beautiful and vibrant friend Debbie was diagnosed with a brain tumour. 

Debs is a hugely popular and loved lady, she is also the mother of two gorgeous girls aged 10 & 7. She is remaining incredably strong and positive with the most remarkable fighting spirit. She is determined to prolong the precious time with her daughters through whatever means available.  I WANT TO HELP WITH THAT. 

I would like to offer one family the chance of a ‘Day in the life’ photo shoot with me, which consists of my ugly mug at your breakfast table all the way through to bed time for the kids and wine for the adults. I am happy for this to happen anywhere in the country but understand that a date of convenience for myself has to be found if you are miles from where I live. You have to pay for it of course, but all proceeds will go to Debbie’s ongoing treatment in Germany, none of it is for me. 

The bidding is going to start at £500. I’m not willing to accept anything less and when you consider that I charge £250 for one hour and almost £2000 for 12 hour coverage of a wedding day, you’d already be getting your hands on a bargain. Plus I’m quite fun to have around, I’m not allergic to anything and I won’t have a tantrum when you won’t let me watch TV.

So, all I ask is that if you have taken the time to read this, please take the time to share it. If you think a particular family would be interested then please send it to them directly. If you would like a family shoot with me at any point in the next six months, you have to share this post in order to secure your booking AND if you want to be in with a chance of winning, please find the original post on my Facebook page and place your bid underneath. The highest bid at midnight on the closing day of the last day of November will be the winner and the money will be added to Debbie’s fundraising account.

It’s been a hell of a time and despite immediate surgery successfully removing 95% of the tumour, she was told that the Glioblastoma was aggressive and currently incurable.

She has undergone a 9 month period of brutal treatment, a resection, a brain flap infection which turned in to meningitis and required part of her skull being removed, 30 sessions of radiotherapy with 30 day of temolozide (chemo). Then after a month treatment break, she has completed 5/6 rounds of chemotherapy. After getting shingles she’s decided her body can’t take anymore chemo, but has done 2 more than the average Glioblastoma patient, as well as an equally brutal immunotherapy treatment. 

During this period she’s been going to Germany 3 weekly for immunotherapy, where her amazing brother drives her 1300 miles round trip and has cost more than £200,000 funded by family and a huge fundraising effort by all her amazing friends.

Ongoing costs for this are huge, which is is why all donations are so important if we are to prolong this mothers life. Please help me contribute to funds in order to give her the means to fight this awful disease, while maintaining a stable quality of life for her and her girls. 

Thanks for your time xx

The prize is final and cannot be exchanged
Payment must be made in full to the charity fund before any photos are taken
Bidding must not be done on behalf of anyone else
Multiple bids are permitted
Each bid must be made in a new comment on the original post
The highest bid on the original Facebook post (found here: https://www.facebook.com/Shootitphotography) at midnight on 30th November 2018 will win 
A mutually agreeable date must be found and travel times taken in to consideration, no date is guaranteed
The date must be decided within one year of the end of bidding
The date cannot be rescheduled and must proceed regardless of weather conditions
Accommodation fees may be incurred if the photographer is travelling a great distance and is unable to stay on site
Photographs will be delivered digitally and delivery is final. No re touching, editing or alterations are included in the agreement
Bidders must be residents of the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) …but if you’re not, you need to pick up the travel costs! xx