January is the month for me to slack off a bit and take in some winter sunshine. It was also the perfect opportunity to take Elsie across the Atlantic for her first trip to America and a state that holds many happy memories for me as a kid.

If you’ve explored my website you’ll know that my Mom is American and when we were growing up, my grandparents “wintered in Florida” the way a lot of American’s do. It’s a bit over populated now and mass construction is breaking down a lot of it’s natural beauty but I was still able to introduce Elsie to a lot of things I hope stick with her the way that playing shuffle board with my cousins, fishing off the dock, tearing round park streets on my gran’s old three wheeler and cracking open my first lobster with reckless abandon have done with me. Elsie was less impressed by the lobster though (apart from the inflatable one) and I had to bribe her to try it but she still has an impressive list of Floridian fun to look back on including;

White sands and warm seas

Eternal sunshine

Unlimited pool time

Sugared cereal that quite literally changes the colour of your poop

Lobster bibs

Overtly friendly waiters and waitresses

Discovering the power of her accent

Neon coloured candy

Painting studios “totally in the garage”

Iguanas bigger than her cats

Food on a stick

Itchy bugs

Wizzy walkways

Pancakes, always pancakes

Jet lag

Willing conversations with strangers

Vibrant colour

Palm trees

I kept my cameras small and discreet this trip and actually took most photos on my phone…it also meant Elsie could take some and I’ve included a lovely one of me here for your viewing pleasure. I’m off out now to post off my films because I can’t wait any longer in order to see the results.

Till next time Florida x