HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Did you get engaged over Christmas?! If you did then I have some lovely news for you. I’m giving away prizes to all couples who book their weddings with me in January. ALL OF THEM!

Who doesn’t love prizes in January? I know I do!

1ST PRIZE – An engagement shoot
2ND PRIZE – £150 off your wedding
3RD PRIZE – £75 off your wedding

And all other couples who book will get a £25 print voucher applied to their final gallery.

Everyone’s a winner baby that’s no lie! And you can bet your life I sang that out loud as I typed it.

Nb. If three couples book then the top three prizes will be drawn between them. However, if it’s only two couples I will be getting rid of first prize and drawing second and third and if only one couple sign on the dotted line they will automatically be awarded third prize. SO! It pays to tell your mates all about this because the more people in it means the better the prizes.

And Elsie will be doing the draw live on Instagram at the beginning of Feb. That’s incentive enough right?!