Rainy Stamford Wedding

Okay, so the rain is starting to piss a few people off, me included, but I have to admit to doing a little “whoop” when I got home to see the picture above on the big screen. They might not have ordered a rainy Stamford wedding but that is what they got and sometimes you just have to embrace it, which is exactly what Abbie & Jamie did. Don’t let the rain ruin your wedding day, I promise I won’t let it ruin the photos!

These two embraced their rainy Stamford wedding to such an extent that at one point we had to spend 10 minutes in a door way for fear of being washed away. They also embraced my madness, my requests and everything else the day threw at them, Abbie just put on a pair of Toms, hiked up her dress and made her way from one venue to another with a huge smile on her face. This day might not have won any prizes for the weather but it definitely wins the prize for the wedding with the most glamorous granny (check out Minnie Mouse) and the most emotional best men England has to offer. It is also the first time for me that the groom has ever cut the cake by himself. Why not I say?! By heck Abbie & Jamie, you certainly made the most of it. x

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Wedding Venue: The George At Stamford
Reception: Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre
Dress: KMG Bridal Studio
Cake: Smith Street Bakers
Photo Booth: Reflect Events Magic Mirror Photobooth Hire