tiki tipi festival wedding

When it came to planning, these two told me they wanted a really chilled day, “We loved tipi weddings because we love live music and festivals etc so we started going down that route. Once we were sure that’s what we wanted we started looking for places to hold the ceremony and very kindly Tits family friends (The French’s) offered to let us use their farm for the day.” And so their tiki tipi festival wedding was born! I should say at this point that ‘Tit’ is so named because his surname is Titterton. He is so frequently called Tit though, that I’m sure most people wouldn’t be able to tell you his actual first name!

Tit by name but certainly not Tit by nature, he is more than a little bit awesome and won me over with his amazing proposal plans even if they didn’t quite work out… “Tit booked to take us to Norway to see Bon Iver for my Christmas present (where he was planning to propose) but they cancelled their tour like a week before we went!! So he proposed in our pimp hotel room where he had made a book with pictures, ticket stubs and other shiz from our 10 years together. I had no idea what was going on!!”

Keeping it down to earth everyone ate stone baked pizzas for dinner, the bride made the bright and crazy cake and just in case you were wondering where her dress is from, her sister whipped that one up for her, sorry! They had relatively no trouble in the planning process but did say that being sure to remember all bits that you take for granted when not in a field like toilets, electricity, running water etc did cause a tiny bit of stress. That and the fact that Tit wanted a pineapple pimp cane. Of course he did!

Their tiki tipi festival wedding came together in an explosion of colour and fun and it was absolutely amazing to photograph, the flowers were out of this world, the band killed it and it’s still one of my favourite weddings to date. I never wanted to leave!

When I asked these guys how they felt about working with me they had some pretty lovely stuff to say. “We loved it! You were so friendly and easy going. We instantly felt like we had known you for years which meant we looked and felt relaxed so our photos reflected that! Everyone always compliments us on how good our wedding photos are and we 100% agree that you were the BEST CHOICE EVERRR!

Well that’s a bit bloody nice eh?! If festival weddings are your thing, check out another great one HERE!

Some of the awesome suppliers involved;

Dress – Charlotte Davies (Sister)
Stationary – Rafaela Hill (Cousin)
Shoes – ASOS
Decor / Styling – Tits McGee
Cake – Mrs Tit
Transport – Mum’s Car
Florist – Herbert & Isles
Caterer – Little Reds
Band – Back to My Roots
Videographer (DIY) – Edit my wedding (https://edityourwedding.com/)