One cheeky little scamp told me at this wedding that photography wasn’t a real job…and I’m here to argue that not only is it a real job, it’s one of the best in the world! Weekends at a Cattows Farm Tipi Wedding prove that! It’s a job that allows me to meet new people every week, see true emotion on a regular basis, a job that gives me the space to make people laugh till they cry and cry till they laugh and a job that sends me to all the very best parties, where everyone is always happy, always dancing and always ready to buy you a drink…even if I do always (mostly) turn them down. Huge thanks to Sophie and Ollie for welcoming me in to the heart of their Cattows Farm Tipi Wedding with the biggest of smiles and tightest of hugs.

Outdoor weddings are one of my favourite places to be because you book it knowing that you’re at the mercy of the elements and you don’t give a shit any way! If it rains it rains, if it doesn’t you play games but regardless, the fun never stops and every one mucks in.

Sophie and Ollie just wanted all of their mates together and for the party to go on as long as possible. Hiring a tipi at Cattows farm was the ideal way to do this because it also meant they could hire bell tents for everyone to camp out in once the music had stopped! It poured with rain at one point but at no time did it dampen the spirits of anyone there. Including the couples dog who seemingly had the time of her life!