This weekend I photographed a surprise wedding where all of the guests thought they were turning up to an engagement party…oh, and there were dinosaurs.

SURPRISE!!!! So, unbeknownst to the majority of guests, these two amazing people got married! It just goes to show what wonderful folk they are that such a huge amount of their loved ones turned up to what they thought was an engagement party! They got ready together, walked down the aisle together and left together as husband and wife. The suspense, the dress, the dinosaurs, the doughnuts, the dancing, the shots and the build your own burrito bar all went in to making this a truly awesome day.

Alice and Ben decided to have a secret wedding to take the pressure off. All they wanted was to get married without any of the build up or constant conversations about it…so that is what they did! They planned a party, made sure everyone they adored was there and then BOOM, they got married! Alice looked absolutely amazing in a floral dress and Ben had folded over a thousand origami birds to help with the decor. Between them they planned something really special.

Their engagement photos were pretty epic too. I had my darling daughter as an assistant and we ran through the woods in the rain with smoke bombs! You can see those photos HERE

The venue they chose was right on the river near Stratford and is an epic maze of rooms and stairwells with a course of dinosaur miniature golf underneath. Yep, you read that right. Give me a bride in a floral dress willing to ride a diplodocus and I am one happy photographer.