Since the start of lockdown, this amazing kid and I have spent an inordinate amount of time together, during which we have had some silly, wonderful and also not so good ideas to occupy our time but we think this might just be our best yet.  You have probably seen our introductory video by now, but just in case it passed you by, here it is again! Two things to note before you watch it are that I wish I hadn’t eaten a handful of nuts before I started and Elsie does not have a dummy, that is for one for her dolls!

Elsie and I are going to embark on some charity work together. I hope what you were able to determine from that video is that we intend to grow our hair for a good while with the end goal of chopping it off and donating it to The Little Princess Trust. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this and while talking about it to Elsie she seemed really keen for her own chance to help out, and so here we are.

Don’t worry though, I have no intention of shaving Elsie’s head, she can save that for when she is a little bigger. I reckon a long mane to short bob is heroic enough for a five year old!

With the hair going to one place, we intend the money we raise to go to another. Having started a small pledge to New Dawn New Day with the goods I sell via I WORK HERE NOW, it seemed the best idea to support them further and see if we can drum up some real cash for this vital, but tiny charity.

New Dawn New Day is based in Leicester and works to overcome disadvantage, poverty and inequality for women and girls. Their services work with women and girls affected by violence and abuse and those who present with a complexity of needs including mental health difficulties, homelessness, poverty and substance misuse. They offer support by providing a safe environment and high quality, gender-responsive, trauma-informed support. They are also a TINY charity and really would benefit from extra exposure and backing and that is what Elsie and I intend to do.

As we are in this for the long haul we want to do as much fundraising along the way as possible. Elsie’s first idea was to design t shirts to print at home and sell to you all which I am fully on board with, we can’t wait to get started. We are also going to do bake sales, fun runs, possibly start our own line of baby food (I am currently trying to talk her out of this) and most importantly…we will only continue to make music videos if you donate the money we need to do so! We’ve had a ridiculous amount of people calling for more videos and we hope that we can encourage you to just donate a couple of pounds to the cause before we get started. If you’re able to help, we have a target of £300 before we will perform and record ‘Wannabe’ by The Spice Girls…even I want to see that happen!

Because New Dawn New Day are such a small charity, they only accept direct donations at this time, but in order for Elsie and I to track our fundraising and identify when we should be making the next video, I have set up a specific PayPal account in order for all donations to be collected.

If you would like to get the ball rolling, please do donate via PayPal using the email address and we will keep you updated with our progress. We will be sharing all new ideas, plans and of course, please support us and keep up with our antics via Instagram and Facebook, you can be sure we will be documenting it all!

Thanks in advance for all your support, the little lady is really excited to get going.

Talk soon… Lizzie and Elsie x