Privacy Policy

Hello! If you’ve clicked here it means you must care a lot about your data privacy. That’s great…. so do I! And to make sure you are happy, let me present Shoot It Momma’s GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy:

Personal data I collect

  • Your name so that I know what to call you
  • Your email address so that I can actually reply to you
  • Your mobile number so I can get hold of you on the day of the big shoot
  • Various details related to your photo shoot
  • Your address because I follow up with cards and other lovely stuff

All of this data is collected to enable me to help you and so is necessary for me to be able to do my job.

How I collect and keep your personal data

I collect your info through my online contact forms. When you hit ‘send’ these arrive in my email inbox, which is kept secret by a password that isn’t ‘password’. If you choose me to be your photographer, I then store some of your details in an awesome, GDPR-compliant database. Again, we have all the passwords and protection needed for your data here. If you don’t choose me to be your photographer (wait, WHAT?!), then you will be deleted from my database unless you instruct me to keep in touch with you for the future. I may store your emails in my inbox, but this is secure too, promise! I don’t currently have time for newsletters on monthly mail outs so I can guarantee that all the information you receive from me will be relevant to you.

Furthermore, I’ll be setting you up an online photo gallery so you can view, download and print your photos. I’ll need to use your email address for that to work too – but it’s super safe.

I also collect some of your data using cookies. Not the yummy ones… but the ones that help me figure out if my website is doing it’s very best to make you fall in love with me. I don’t use any of this data to contact you – and you can turn these off whenever you want to. When you first came to this site, at the bottom of the screen you were present with ‘Cookie Settings’. I won’t eat use your cookies without you telling me it’s OK first. If you do get permission, I’ll hold on to that data for a set amount of time, then it will automatically delete.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

If you’re worried about what data I keep about you, please ask me! I’ll only keep the information you’ve told me. I won’t stalk you on Facebook, I promise. I’m more than happy to tell you the details I hold about you – and if some of that stuff is wrong, you have the right to correct it… and I’m happy to do that, after all, if I have called you by the wrong name, that’s going to make things awkward. You can also tell me to delete all the data I hold on you… but a word of warning, that might make being able to attend your wedding/family shoot/other a little tricky – but if after all the snapping is done, you want me to forget you forever, I will… and your shoot will forever be a memory where I can recall the occasion but can’t quite confirm who was there, except I wasn’t drunk (maybe)… If you don’t tell me to delete you details, I’ll keep hold of these – partly because I’ll be hosting your photos in a gallery so you can keep coming back to them as you need. But if you want your data gone, your wish is my command!

Using your data

I will almost 100% email you about your photo shoot/wedding. I just have to to keep a good record of everything! And, because I’m me, and I might love you a little bit, I might email you fun stuff that I think you’ll be interested in – like a picture of wine and cheese, because you’ve just told me you like wine and cheese when I told you the same thing, as I most likely will do. I don’t give your details out to anyone without necessity. In fact, the only people who get any of your data, when you request it, is second shooters. They might need to know where you wedding/photo shoot is happening, for example. If you have any questions about this, get in touch.

I have questionnaires, feedback forms etc that I give to you to help figure out what’s needed for your shoot, but also so you can tell me how awesome I am I can make photo shoots even more amazing for others. Occasionally, I’ll ask you if I can send your photos to a wedding blogger or wedding supplier and others for them to use – but I will always ask your permission first, don’t worry!

What about my beautiful face?

Obviously, you can be identified by your photos, right? I guess people who have face blindness may disagree, but generally, I think we’d accept that. So far the EU hasn’t really told us how this works out! But, if you’re concerned about how we might use it, don’t worry – I’ll always let you know, and get your permission to send off your photos to be used on the side of Brexit of IndyRef ‘battle bus’, and you can object!

I will, unless you ask me not to, likely share a couple of photos on the crazy world of social media – Facebook, Instagram etc. This is a great way for couples, families etc to decide whether I’m the kind of photographer they want – and you may even have had a sneaky peek yourself? I’ll tend to ask for permission first, but if you’re happy for this to happen, that would be amazing!

Your photos are also stored safely digitally, with encryption, passwords etc – and occasionally booby traps (aka skateboards, small children’s toys…). I take looking after your photos seriously, despite the jokes.


If you have any question, please do get in touch!