Nothing particularly special happened over night, I’m not a new person this morning and I don’t feel all that different, but like it or not, the new year is a time for reflection, looking both forward and back and for a lot of photographers it’s time to look at their “Best of 2016” work and share it with the world.

I’ve made a small list of objectives for 2017 and that’s all I intend to do. In each and every one of them I hope to improve on 2016 in any small way that I can.

New Years Resolutions

The trend for ‘Best of…” work makes it a terrible time for comparing your work to others when some of the most talented photographers around the globe are putting all their greatest work in one place and sharing it with you but it’s also the perfect opportunity for motivation and finding the inspiration to better yourself. I’m on board with all of that, I hear ya, shout about it, I love to look at the amazing things my peers have done throughout the year and I’m happy for you…I just don’t have the time to do it myself!

I’m not going to lie, part of my job is to take heartfelt, stunning photos and polish them with an edit before delivering them to you in a pretty little bow…but these slideshows and blog posts for 2016 take up HOURS of time. Days even! I don’t even have five minutes to brush my hair at the moment, I’m sat here writing this in my pyjamas after deconstructing Christmas while my two year old daughter eats toast for lunch and as it is, I’d like to thank 2016 for that and for being so busy.

This year my husband and I bought our first home together and with both of us being self employed we see this as a pretty big achievement. It has a garden, two floors, a number of new rooms, a utility area and a pantry. That’s it kids, I’ve finally bloody made it. And instead of spending hours on a slideshow of my work for 2016 I’ve decided to paint my bedroom because it’s still dark brown and I really, really hate brown walls. Moving house in the middle of a busy wedding season has meant my year didn’t really ever slow down and I only just cleared my editing list before Christmas and three more weddings so…I also have them to do.

However, I wouldn’t want to completely neglect or appear ungrateful for the wonderful year of work that I have indeed had. There have been so many wonderful weddings, I’ve second shot for some of my favourite photographers and also met an abundance of epic families that just made me feel so welcome.  I also won an award don’t forget!!  Therefore, instead of a slide show, instead of a mass of images, this right here is my best of 2016 and the moments that truly humbled me. Enjoy…

wedding photography testimonial

“Thanks so much for shooting with me, everyone commented how lovely you are and the images are awesome!” – Matt Jones

“Lizzie the pictures are AMAZING! We absolutely love them!! I think I’ve looked through them a million times they just capture everything perfectly and bring back all the memories of the day. I love that there are so many natural ones of people laughing and enjoying themselves, we seriously can’t thank you enough you were brilliant from day one.” – Steph & David

Thank You Flowers

“We have just sat down to look through your amazing work properly and WOW! We couldn’t have asked for better pictures or person to take them. I’m having a real problem choosing my favourites as I want to favourite them all! Everyone loved you and we know why!” Lisa & Tim

wedding testimonial

“We have just about woken up from the dream that was our wedding now and we both want to say thank you so very much for being our photographer, you really were everything we wanted, so organised and professional. You made every single one of the guests feel at ease and they all said how unobtrusive you were.” Sam & Tom


“Our wedding photos are incredible, we love them all so much. You’ve given us the chance to remember our big day, every day, for the rest of our lives, we will never be able to thank you enough.” Emma & Phil

wedding feedback

“You got it spot on. Virtually every guest has a lovely photo to share of themselves, family or friends and we have so many images you captured that will stay in our minds forever. You drove the day forwards when needed, helped whenever you could and stayed till the last image of the night. We’re often asked who our amazing photographer was and we are very proud to say Lizzie Adams of Shoot it Momma.” Rachel & Rob

And with all those wonderful things said, I want to thank all of you for such an amazing year. You made it what it is. Now I really do need to paint that room. x