Today I got up a little earlier than usual and made it out for a Rutland Water sunrise. A few times in the past couple of weeks I’ve been driving past the water when the sun was on it’s way up and I’ve been so annoyed at either not having my camera or not having the time to stop. I decided then, to have a little quiet time, just me, my camera and I, down on the shore of Rutland Water where I know very few people go and I could roll around, climb some fences and nearly fall in without anyone seeing. I have to admit to being a little disappointed that there was no fog on this particular morning but I still enjoyed the tranquility, there is nothing quite like it when the only company you have is the birds. And I don’t mean sparrows, I mean geese, swans, ducks and cormorants. 

I grew up around here and love having a landmark like this so nearby. It has been at the backdrop to so much of my work and I am pretty sure I know all the best spots! I’ve done weddings by the water, photographed newly engaged couples and taken many a family on wildlife jaunts while taking their photo so it was a novelty to be here alone and with my own agenda. In fact I have photographed a pair of newly weds on this very spot before but in the height of spring so it feels like an altogether, different location.

I also love artistic interpretation of the area and so many people have painted it that it’s long been a desire of mine to emulate other artistic channels through my photography. I love photographing people, that will never change, but there was something very magical about being here so early and working in silence, it felt like I was the only one seeing this particular Rutland Water sunrise.